OEM Scanners


Chatsworth Data’s document image scanners are available in a wide variety of formats and function to suit any need.  Our scanners are compact, reliable and economical. Designed to read forms as narrow as 2 inches and as wide 8.5 inches. With a scanning speed of up to 22 inches per second, our scanners can turn your job of data collection into an easy one.   Education– Chatsworth scanners are ideal for imaging student essays, and attendance records.  When used in conjunction with our OMR engine you can grade daily and weekly exams, SAT’s, Entrance and Exit exams. Medical – The Chatsworth scanners are well suited to read Health Risk Assessment Forms (HRA), capture discrete barcode data, and record doctors notes. Our scanners help you achieve a paperless office environment. Voting– Use our scanners for voter registration and as a ballot reader. Capture the forms election data and tabulate on the fly using our image, OMR, and barcode engines. Use our scanners for state and local elections, union elections, school elections, and home owner’s elections. Government– Capture Census data, ballot measure and bill signatures, documents, and surveys for remote analysis and archive. Gaming– The Chatsworth scanner is ideal for capturing data for the gaming environment.  We have the model to suit counter top data collection or select our open frame models that are ideal for integration into a kiosk or terminal. These are ideal for lottery, sports book, fantasy sports, Bingo, Keno, Para-mutual, and off track bet collection and validation. Survey– Companies can gain valuable knowledge of there customers by utilizing the Chatsworth scanners for surveys.

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