USB Driver


USB drivers for our products fall into three distinct categories.


USB Driver - Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

                 Ex: ACP-100, ACP200, ACP-216, ACP-2200

These products utilize a third party driver created and maintained by Future Technology Devices Ltd (FTDI).

Please use the following link to access the FTDI Chip website to obtain the latest release driver for your PC's operating system.


USB Driver - cSCAN document image scanners

                Ex: cSCAN 6000 series, cSCAN 8500 series

The cSCAN image scanner driver is maintained by Chatsworth Data

and can be obtained by contacting Chatsworth Data support via email at


USB Driver - SEKONIC Scanners

                Ex: SR-430, SR-1800, SR-3500, SR-6500

The SEKONIC OMR scanner drivers are maintained by SEKONIC Japan

and can be obtained by contacting Chatsworth Data via email at

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