Utilizing the innovative ACP 100 optical mark reader (OMR) from Chatsworth Data, Examiner Express provides the power of a full-featured computer-managed assessment system in a traditional and cost-effective paper-and-pencil environment. Previous OMR solutions have required the investment of thousands of dollars for hardware, and nearly as much for software. The ACP 100 coupled with Examiner Express brings the total cost of ownership to a fifth or less of previous systems.

Examiner Express has been designed from the ground up to provide the features most wanted by educators, assessment specialists, and school administrators.

Taking hours to grade assessments and create student reports is a thing of the past with Examiner Express. An answer key can be created and loaded in under a minute. 30 student assessments can be graded as fast as OMR cards can be fed into the scanner. Sophisticated reports showing both classroom and individual student performance are instantly available.

At the core of Examiner Express is a suite of assessment design and analysis tools that have been used world-wide by Fortune 500 companies. The data analysis routines within Examiner Express were developed by and for psychometricians and assessment specialists.

Seeing how your students are performing has never been easier. Administrative reports necessary for mandated progress reporting will take minutes rather than hours. The Examiner Express saves time, and gives you back your classroom.

General Description

The Examiner Express is a Windows-based system for the grading and analysis of paper-and-pencil assessments. The software is integrated with the Chatsworth Data's line of optical mark recognition (OMR) scanners and is based upon, and integrated with, The Examiner System: the professional system for the development and deployment of assessments.

Answer keys can be scanned into the system via a completed OMR form and are available for immediate use in scoring assessments.

  • Up to 10 alternatives per item
  • Up to 200 items per assessment
  • Unlimited assessment forms

Scoring is designed with end reporting in mind.

  • Assessments can be "stamped" for easy searching
  • Assessments are scored as quickly as sheets can be fed into the scanner
  • Quality assurance checks are made during the scanning process to insure data integrity

Assessment results are available as soon as scanning has been completed.

  • Reports are available on a by-assessment or by-student basis
  • Report "filtering" is available based on assessment stamping during the scanning process
  • Summative assessment reports are provided with both graphs and tabular reports:
    • Mean, median, standard deviation, and variance
    • Graphical plotting by raw and percentage scores
    • Item analysis showing difficulty, point biserial, and alternative response tallies
    • Student lists showing individual assessment information
  • Summative examinee reports:
    • Completed assessment lists
    • Change reports showing averages and progress
    • Individual assessment reports showing scores and responses

Software Specifications

Hardware 512 MB system memory
CD-ROM, USB Port, or network connection for installation
Free USB Port for scanner

Operating System
Windows XP-Pro SP2 or higher
Fully supported on Windows Vista and Windows7
Data Capacity Single assessments up to 200 items in length (limited by scan sheet size)
Unlimited number of answer keys
Unlimited number of scored assessments
Item Types Single and multiple correct multiple-choice; true/false
Answer Key Creation    Scanned via OMR
Reporting Capabilities Direct print or Adobe Acrobat© compatible PDF files

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