The SEKONIC SR-430 is a solid choice for those who seek a compact/high speed auto feed optical mark reader with a hopper that can hold up to 200 forms and process all of the data in less than 80 seconds!

Highlights Include,

  • Accurate! 16 step mark discrimination with forms double feed detection
  • FAST! 150 FPM feed through
  • Flexible! USB 2.0 and RS-232 connection
  • Portable! Super compact design weighing less than 14 LBS
  • Compliant! FCC, UL, CE and RoHS
  • Compatible! Interface with Sekonic SR-410, SR-307, SR-305S applications

The SEKONIC name has always been held in high regard when it comes to OMR data capture. As the newest member of the SEKONIC OMR line up, the SR-430 maintains this legacy with that performance in a NEW compact design.

The ideal industries for use are,

Education: Classroom test scoring and survey, course and instructor evaluations, and attendance tracking.

Healthcare: Health risk analysis, patient billing, wellness tracking, clinical evaluations and surveys.

General business: Customer satisfaction surveys, personnel evaluations, employee satisfaction studies, quality control data capture, elections and balloting.

Read Technique:

Read Heads 1 (Single Sided)
Mark Discrimination 16 steps (256 Degrees)
Marking Implements

Infra Red (Pencil only) OR

Visible Red (Pen or Pencil)

Read Head Channels 0.25 inch CC (15 columns)
Marking shapes Rectangles, ovals, and circles
Read Head            LED with reflective sensors 

Communications Interface:
RS-232C serial (25 pin) asynchronous 2,400 to 38,400bps.
USB (2.0)

Legacy Compatibility:
SR-410, SR-307, SR-305S

Reader Control:
Status Display: LED (4 LED's)
Operation button: 2-(Feed and Clear)

Input Hopper:
Approx.200 forms (Adjustable Feed Guide)


Form Width 82.55 mm to 110 mm (3.25 inches to 4.33 inches)
Form Length 150 to 304.8 mm (5.9 to 12.0 inches)
Postal Card  4.33 x 5.9 inches
Number of Rows 140 rows
Number of Columns 15 columns
Mark Positions Under 2,100 Mark Positions
Paper Thickness

90 to 135kg (0.13 to 0.19mm)

105 to 157 g/m2

24 Lb. bond to 110 lb Index

Form Capacities:
Stacker: Approx. 200 forms
Speed: Approx. 150 forms per min.

Power Requirements:
Voltage/Hz: 115v AC 60Hz or 220v AC 50/60Hz

Temp/Humidity: 5 to 350 C (41 to 950 F)/ 40 to 80%

W x H x D mm: 222 x 171 x 360 Closed, 222 x 171 x 695 Open
W x H x D inch: 8.74 x 6.7 x 14.1 Closed 8.74 x 6.7 x 27.4 Open

Automatic Sheet Detection:
Double sheet feed detection, feed error detection

Under 60db

Approx. 6Kg 13.22Lbs

Accessories included:
Instruction Manual, USB Cable, RS232-C Cable, Power Cable, CD-Rom (USB Driver and Sample API)

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